About Village News & Our Editorial Policy

The Village News covers Bacton and Edingthorpe, Ridlington and Witton parishes. Submissions must be relevant to the populations in this area. Space is limited and priority will go to local information, news and events. Submissions must be attributable and must not be anonymous, although names may be withheld on request.

They should include a telephone number or email address, where possible. Submissions of no more than 250 words must arrive by 15th of each month to editors@villagenews.org.uk

Anyone wishing to use printed material from another source as part of their submission must be mindful of copyright laws and is responsible for ensuring that these are not infringed. When quoting from any source, it is the contributor’s responsibility to ensure accuracy and acknowledge the source.  To that end (and to prevent disagreements between individuals and groups within the village) we will not publish allegations about individuals or hearsay. The Village News aims to be accessible and of service to everyone in our community. Offensive and inappropriate submissions will not be published. Principles of fairness, equality of opportunity and natural law will be adhered to.

The Village News will be mindful of its lawful responsibilities. Where a contentious article or letter is going to be published, the Editors may wish to consult other interested parties and give them foresight of any article, giving them the opportunity to respond immediately, rather than waiting for a month until the next issue. The Editors have discretion over all submissions.

Articles may be edited for content or grammar or cut down in size where necessary. The Editors’ decision is final. Any complaints should be raised in the first instance with the Editors, if no satisfactory conclusion is achieved then the matter will be taken up with the Chair by of the Village News Committee via editors@villagenews.org.uk

The joint Editors are:

Kate North                 Tel: 01692-650641

Steve Lunniss          Tel: 01692-652163