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Postscript for Jenny Shreve

I am Jackie, cousin of Jenny Shreeve, whose death you reported in the last magazine. I came from North Yorkshire to Norfolk for her funeral on 5th February, along with her other cousin, Mike, who lives on the Sussex coast. It was all rather short notice but I was glad to be able to share my memories of her and some reflections on her life at the service in Cromer. She was ten years my senior and I have a lovely photo of her in pigtails holding me as a small baby.

One abiding memory I had was of her setting off in her mid twenties to travel round the world, and her coming back with just one and threepence but also a bag for me from Rangoon, which I loved and used until it fell apart. I did wonder after reading the piece written about her whether this was when she went to help at a Mother Theresa place, or whether that was a later journey. If anyone has information I would love to know!

I was very grateful that about ten people responded to my invitation after the funeral to go and have a cup of tea somewhere. It was not easy to manage as Mike and I had come by train but kind people organised our transport so that we suddenly found ourselves in the midst of a friendly group of people round a big table at Sugar and Spice. It was, we were sure, exactly as Jenny would have wanted: a time to share happy memories, to talk over what had happened, and to have a bit of a laugh!

Jenny had always told me how happy and busy she was in Bacton but I had never been there, though managing to get as far as Norwich for our last meeting: She had too many dogs and then became less mobile: I had too many children and did not drive. 

But Mike and I felt immensely grateful to be able to meet so many of her good friends, and to hear about her fulfilling retirement back in Norfolk, from where our great grandparents had come. We hope to come back in a few months for another get together and meanwhile we shall continue to be nourished by that heartwarming gathering, with happy memories of her life and by the warm Bacton welcome we received!

I would be glad to hear from anyone who knew Jenny, or who wants to ask me anything.

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