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This is where we put items that were too late for our monthly edition or where there wasn’t enough room for the full article.

Dogs behaving badly

Following a recent incident when one of our dog wardens and his dog were on the receiving end of an unwarranted – and unexpected – attack by a large dog who was off-lead, owners are reminded that they are liable to prosecution if their dog injures – or gives someone reason to believe they could be injured – under the provisions of The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. This could also involve the offending animal being confiscated by the police and, potentially, destroyed. 

No matter how well trained you think your dog is, please be aware that they can unexpectedly act out of character,  so keep them on a lead when around other people to avoid trouble for both you and others. 

Please also be aware that Officers from the District Council can issue on-the-spot fines for this type of incident, in addition to dog-fouling offences.’