Late News & More Details

This is where we put items that were too late for our monthly edition or where there wasn’t enough room for the full article.

Resident Survey on the  Sandcspaing

Last year Harry Jones undertook a study regarding the sandscaping scheme in Bacton and Walcott.  After completing the study,  he wrote a short report which is now available here.

Valerie Collin (formerly of Edingthorpe)

“Valerie Collin lived at Appledore Edingthorpe and sadly passed away Friday the 11th of June at N and N hospital. We all lived in Edingthorpe since 1982. Myself and two brothers left years ago and my father Michael Collin sadly passed 4 years ago. Our mother’s funeral is to be held at Edingthorpe All Saints on the 28th of June at 2.30pm, where she will be laid to rest next to her late husband.”

Simon Collin

The Coastal Code